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Some thoughts on brewing potions in Pottermore since that’s pretty much the only way to get House points right now.

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Via the reincarnation of andraste

Anonymous said: For those who haven't got their e-mails yet, today included, they'll send all of the e-mails in the next 11 days :)

Really? Where did you hear that?

Anonymous said: To give a more detailed feedback back to Pottermore, instead of filling out those surveys, scroll down and locate "Help." It's in the place where Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other stuff are. After you click "Help" choose "Other," then "What's Next?" then, "Need More Help?" on the bottom right and fill out the form. It lets you actually write stuff out.

Ah, great! Thank you very much.

endoskeletal said: Hey, when brewing a potion, after crushing the ingredients, how do you add them to the cauldron? It always says I added them to the wrong container..?

You’ll need to pick up the crushed ingredients from inside of the mortar and put them into the cauldron. If it’s not working for you, leave some feedback for the Pottermore team—I know they’ve recently had problems with Potions, and perhaps not all of the bugs have been worked out yet.

alohomoratheheart said: I was wondering if there is a place i can give feed back to for pottermore i dont mean those beta surveys because they dont let you add comments.

I know that there is another form, but I’ve also had trouble locating it. Perhaps other Oh Pottermore! members know where to find it?

My secondary response is that you can put your comments on the page itself in the comments section if something is not working or doesn’t look right to you.

Anonymous said: Did you get into pottermore? If so, what house are you in? Sorry if you already answered this question :'3

I did get into Pottermore! I am in the Gryffindor House, which was a surprise to me—I always pegged myself as a Hufflepuff. 

castielthekingofhell-deactivate said: Hi! I was wondering if you could give me any clue of what the welcome email generally says? 'Cause I got an email but I'm not sure if you get a confirmation that you're a beta user, and then the welcome one? Thanks (:

You will be getting (or have gotten) multiple emails.

  • After registering during the Magical Quill hunt, you should have gotten a confirmation email that let you validate your account, but didn’t let you actually participate yet in Pottermore
  • Sometime after August 15th you should have gotten or will be getting a second email titled “Your Pottermore account is ready!” and at the bottom of it, there will be a link you click on in order to enter Pottermore.

sakurakorra said: Are we going to take classes in Pottermore?

[spoilers: Pottermore]



As far as I can tell from Book One, we aren’t taking classes. We don’t sit in class and learn all the things the Hogwarts students learn. We do receive some books from which we can learn things like spells and potions (you can play at Wizards Duel and creating Potions), but the majority of our books are not able to be opened and you can’t read.

Again, this isn’t an RPG. It’s a reading experience. As you read the books, you get to experience a few of the more exciting aspects such as duelling and Potions-making, getting a wand and getting Sorted, but it’s not a fully immersive experience. It’s a companion to the books. As you progress through Pottermore, you get to read extra back-story about characters, places, events, and writing choices that Jo made.

While more features may be available in the subsequent years, at the moment there’s no real way to take classes, and I personally do not expect there to be in the future.

cheesestorm said: Oh mygods. Your layout is so beautiful.

Thanks! There are still a few glitches I need to sort out, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m glad you agree!

flipiitxtwistiit said: i solved the quill on day 2 in the first 3 minutes, received the conformation letter on the first day, but i haven't gotten the welcome email yet :(

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t gotten the welcome email yet. As I’ve said before, it does seem to me like it’s completely random when the emails are being sent out, so I don’t quite know what to say.

Hang in there! We’ll see you on Pottermore very soon, I am sure.